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Autumn, but no autumn.

The calender says: "Autumn" but here we see little to what we Northerners would call Autumn. The sun is still shining, we still go bare-footed, we still go to the beach, but we no longer complain about the heat. It is just right. And the streets are filled with other Northerners who enjoy the mild sunshine this time of the year. 

Our children enjoy themselves; they play inside or outside as they choose. We go for walks to the beach or to the mountains. Every day they grow in agility and "eloquenty".  That word just sounded so nice, I had to use it. Such a nice rhyme. What I meant to say is that the children are developing very well physically and in their use of language. 

You know; we use English, Spanish and Norwegian every day, and the children, in their very important age for brain-developement, absorb everything. They will never again in their life learn so fast as they do in their first 1000 days. And we are here, and we will do our best!