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Hello, and welcome.

In this, our first English newsletter, we take a look at the celebrations of the Norwegian and the Canarian national-days.

Norway celebrates its independence-day the 17.of May. All schools have a parade of children and adults dressed up in their best, many in national-costumes. Banners and flags are obligatory and so is a brass-orchestra. The Norwegian School here is no exception. You will not regret it if you came and took a look around 10 o'clock in the morning by the roundabout down to ANFI. Come a bit earlier, or you won't find a place to park and the road will be closed. But - it is worth it if you've never seen it before. You'll find us tailing behind our very own banner, well recognizeable.

Día de Canarias is the day Canarian culture is celebrated. This you would know if you live here. It is well prepared in all shops and supermarkets. Buy yourself one of the cheaper national-costumes sold everywhere, and join the crowd. We are preparing a fiesta the day before, as in all schools and child-care-centers. We will teach the children typical songs, games and dances and introduce children and grown-ups to some of the typical food that is served and show them how it is made.

The national-costume that you might buy will be of good use later during the summer as the festival season has started and every village has it's own saint to celebrate, the days nicely coordinated so that we can go from romería to romería, as they call these celebrations. We will spin the yarn we started on and make sure that no child leaves the center without some knowledge of the rich Canarian culture.







With August comes the beginning of the Norwegian school year, and with the school children come their smaller siblings to stay with us.

August is a quiet beginning, as many families wait untill September. It is a peaceful time, giving the children a soft acquaintance to our daily life.  August can also be very hot, so many days are spent in the cool, airy rooms indoors. We have plenty of space now in the beginning, and each child can find an occupation it enjoys. We read, lay puzzles, paint, draw; whatever the children like to do.


November came and so did the rain. About time! There has been one dry year and we are so happy it finally rained. Just after a few days we see the changes in the hills around us. Green !! We will do our part and plant flowers and watch them grow and beautify our surroundings.

The sun never stays away for long, but coming back it is milder and more friendly to wintercold skin. Healthier, really. We are looking forward to many a nice trip in the mountains and to the sea.

Our children have been invited with parents to The Norwegian School´s autumn celebration. Actually we open the show with : "Incy, wincy, spider", and "Baa, baa black sheep" in Norwegian and English. We will be about 20 children, a fair bit more than last year. This is, for us, an important milestone and we are really looking forward to it.

Thank you all who came and believed in us. Firfisla Child Care Center is now a vibrant reality, up and standing on her own (twenty, and counting) feet.






Soft springtime

Spring comes gently in the land of everlasting summer. There are less changes, but they are there. After celebrating Christmas, we went on a lovely excursion to se the almondtrees flowering in January. They are a beautiful sight.

On our almost daily mountain hikes we meet the lovely little new-born goat-kids bleeting after their mothers. Sure springtime sights.

There is Carnival-time on the island and we paint faces every day and make masks and percussion instruments for the celebrations. Great fun.

The youngest have the whole place for themselves between 11 and 14 and they make good use of the opportunity for quite sleep and playful activities.

Come and join us if you like!


Autumn comes slowly without color.  It's not so hot, but nice and warm. We are still barefooted and there is no difference between what we wear inside or outside.

We go for our walks to the beach, playing in the sand and paddling in the water. In the mountains we build "towers" while we examine the stones weight and color.

Most of the winter-guests have come and there's a waiting-list of hopeful parents and children.

Merry Christmas

Christmas in the sun: same and different. Much of the difference, except for the climatic one, is the religious and cultural tradition. We are in a Catholic country and the Belén´s or nativity-scenes are everywhere. They are set in a traditional, cultural Canarian setting. In the churches, (of course) but also in public places like parks and shopping-centers. On Christmas-day there are even nativity scenes with live participants in traditional dresses executing traditional handcrafts and The Holy Family there right in the middle.

Gifts come with the Three Holy Kings the night between the 5th and 6th of January, to good children that is, - of course. The bad only get charcoal in their nicely polished shoes that they left by the windowsill with biscuits for the kings and water to the camels.

But, whatever the tradition, children are the same, and we try to teach our children to appreciate what they have and learn from what is different.




May: Springtime at "home" but here it is almost over. At least here in the south of the island. The grass has turned autumn-yellow and the green that covered the hills is turning red. Venture north, though, into the mountains, and it´s another story. Green and flowery. They have rain, something we will probably not see again before November.

With Easter the swimming-season is officially opened for all, not only "die-hard" tourists. Sun and swimming becomes our main recreational activity. For a very long time, until about the end of October, when again the tourists will have the beaches mostly for themselves.

In May we will celebrate the Norwegian Constitution Day from 1814, and the Canarian Celebration of their first day of autonomous parliament in 1983:  "El Día de Canarias". Both full of folklore and festivity.

There is still possible to apply for next year. Come and join us and enrich our bi-linguality.


Summer holidays

This year we have decided to close in July and take a summer holiday. Going north to take a look at the green, green grass of home. It's green for a reason - rain, so we'll be back by August.

We have used the month of June to learn about the banana plant. Now young and old are well updated on how bananas look at all stages of their very interesting life-cycle. Canarian bananas are quite small, but very tasty. There has, of course, been a lot of tasting.

Wish you all a peaceful and happy summer!

New year - new children

This year we have many new faces. Last year we had so many preschool-children, that we now suddenly find ourselves with few old and mostly new faces. It is such a joy though, to see how the new children take to the toys and facilities and how they enjoy each others company. We are also proud of the few "old" children in how they include their new friends in their games and how they act as hosts for them.



February and Carneval has begun on the island. This, for us, means painting childrens faces everyday for those who care to be a cat or a lion og maybe Spiderman today?

We had a lovely trip to the mountains one Saturday to see the almondtrees flowering and to have a nice picknic together with our families. Super time!

Care to join us?


Under the sea

This month we are exploring under the sea. We have decorated with fish hanging from the ceiling, octopuses made of old socks hanging from the walls, and a nice old whale swimming along one wall. It was such fun to paint him with sponges! The children are also extremely proud of their fishes, also sponge-painted.

How do fish breathe under water? How long can a whale hold it's breath?

The children have observed the changing height of the water on the beach and we speak of the moons magic strength of pulling the water towards itself.

Lovely days; care to join us?

Summer island in September

Summer island in September. Happy children. Crabs and cockroaches. Learning language skills.

What a wonderful autumn! Happy children playing together. Every child is greeted with his/her name every day. We sing songs in English, Norwegian and Spanish. We investigate Nature's many wonders and we tell stories and read books.

Every day those who do not sleep go for a walk in the mountains or to the beach. We believe in physical education and the benefits a good walk in fresh air has on our health. Many of the children who come to us have different physical ailments that our clima can help them with.

In September we are investigating crabs. What facinating creatures! In August we learnt a lot about cockroaches. Might as well, one cannot avoid them completely here. We draw, paint, sing and laught about strange details.

If you hurry, you just might catch the Firfisla train this autumn. You will never regret that choice.


We have had a lovely autumn - winter season here in Summerland. Christmas was great fun with our own Santa (as Erik has grown his beard long), and now it is already January. Spring is on its way and the almond trees are blossoming in the mountains. So are sweet scented herbs (like lavender) and flowers (like daisies and poppies).

Time to plan next year? Care to join us for a longer og shorter period? New applications for next year are arriving already. Welcome!


May has come and with it full summer. The weather is perfect. Not too hot. We have lovely days with children running in and out as they please. Those with skin-ailments are wonderfully healing thanks to salt and sun.

As you already may know, our curriculum insists on the benefits of physical education and out-door life. We firmly believe that children who are permitted to play and investigate together develope excellent sociological skills and that play outdoors enchance their learning abilities. Watch and listen to children in play - and learn. Here are future professionals in making.


Summer comes softly in the land of everlasting summers. It is warmer, but not to hot. We have plenty of shade to play in by the house, and the beach is not too far away. A short walk.  Most of the northern children have left to enjoy a short summer in their homeland. Some come back in the autumn, some were here only for these winter months, some start school with fluttering butterflies in their little tummies. We wish you all the best of luck and happiness.

This May we celebrated the Norwegian and Canarian national days. Great fun. We had a parting summerparty in June with tapas at Carmelo's Petanca bar. Great food, good company.

Now is a time for quite play. We bring out toys that are best with a small group. We go for walks to the beach with a lunchpacks. We are really going to enjoy this summer!

You are welcome to join us.


As the weather grows cooler in the northern hemisphere, the new children arrive with their families. We have had a very hot August, and stayed mostly inside our pleasantly airy rooms with their fans spinning. There have been few walks in this weather. The children have been pleasantly occupied with various activies, mostly of their own choice. The door is open, though, and the children may play outside or inside as they choose. Water has, of course, been the chosen "toy" outside. To play with water is so much fun, both for children and adults!

Twice a day we gather for a small assembly / teaching session, but apart from that, activities are freely chosen by the children themselves. And they learn, -  a lot: Social skills, motor skills, language skills. Happy learning days in the sun!


We are preparing for Christmas. What a privilige to do that with children! We are baking, we are drawing and painting, we are singing carols and other christmas-songs i various languages. We have been invited to parties: Lucia-celebration with cakes in the church and Christmas-tre party with the school-children. Our own Erik will be Santa Claus and we know he comes with candy to all. We wish you all a happy Christmas.

Springtime just around the corner

It is January, but Spring is just around the corner in Summerland. The almondtrees are blossoming in the mountains and springflowers are showing their lovely faces after the rains.

From January to June we have groups of children hospitalized for their astma, eczema and other ailments of this kind. They flourish in sun and saltwater, and it is a true pleasure to see them get better and stronger.

Our children are really professional friendmakers and we are so proud of them.


We will not close as usual this summer. The staff are spreading their holidays and we can offer the following hours:

Week 26 to 29 (3-19.July) : opening hours 9 - 16. (4 pm)

Last half of week 29 and week 30 (20-28 July): Opening hours 9.30 - 14.30 (or 9 - 14)

The two first weeks of august. openings hours 9 - 16 (4 pm)

After that ordinary opening hours: 8 (evt 7.30) - 16.30.


New school year! We are excited to meet new children and the children that have been on holiday all summer.  In children it is so apparent that they have grown and matured. Even though it has only passed one month or so. Language skills, motor skills, and a body that has stretched itself to new heights.  Quite a few of the children that have started primary school come to us in the afternoon and we really enjoy being together.

During the autumn months more children will join us as the winter closes in on the northern lands. They are so thankful that we are here, and we, too, are thankful that they chose us. Looking forward to a happy autumn and winter. See you soon.


Christmas-carols and gingerbread, Christmas-tree and stories, Christmas-gifts for mum and dad and all kinds of secrets, .. The Children in the Sun are happily preparing. We find time to go to the beach, since we live in Summerland and we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves. Come and join us, if you wish !! There is room for more!

Easter coming up

Already March, and Easter is just around the corner. We have been blessed with rain and the result is lovely and green.  This period of the year is for us a time to especially care for groups of children from Norway with chronic skin-diseases or asthma, or both. With extra help hired for this period, it is not difficult. Our regular kids learn a lot about compassion and make new friends.  It is not always easy to say good-bye, but children today are more mobile than earlier generations and more used to meeting new people in this type of settings through travelling and migration. We wish you all a peaceful and lovely Easter and springtime in Europe. You are very welcome to visit us any time. 

moving our homepage to a new site

As the observant reader will see, all the news articles, except the very last, have the same publishing date and in time I will take the time to organize the last 6 year into order, but not today.  Today is a lovely day and we should enjoy the sun and the soft breeze. 

The children in our school and kindergarten are preparing for Norwegian National Day, which means songs and slogans practiced for the annual turnout with flags, national dresses and lots of fun activities for the children. The date is 17. of May.and the parade stops the traffic for awhile. Great fun!  

Autumn, but no autumn.

The calender says: "Autumn" but here we see little to what we Northerners would call Autumn. The sun is still shining, we still go bare-footed, we still go to the beach, but we no longer complain about the heat. It is just right. And the streets are filled with other Northerners who enjoy the mild sunshine this time of the year. 

Our children enjoy themselves; they play inside or outside as they choose. We go for walks to the beach or to the mountains. Every day they grow in agility and "eloquenty".  That word just sounded so nice, I had to use it. Such a nice rhyme. What I meant to say is that the children are developing very well physically and in their use of language. 

You know; we use English, Spanish and Norwegian every day, and the children, in their very important age for brain-developement, absorb everything. They will never again in their life learn so fast as they do in their first 1000 days. And we are here, and we will do our best! 



Happy Christmas

We wish you all a happy Christmas. We have enjoyed our Christmas preparations and celebrations during the month of December until the 6th of January, the day of the arrival of the Holy Kings. 

Our celebration is a mix of Norwegian traditional solstice mysteries from the dark land of hardly any sun and light this part of the year, to the Christian story of Jesus Son of God, born i a stable to poor parents, come to be refugee at a very early age, told in such a way to not offend non-believers. A magic special time of the year that in many ways can reflect upon current events in our world. 

Very soon we enter a new year. 2019 counting from the recorded birth of this child celebrated. We would very much like to invite you to spend some time with us this year. You av very welcome.