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Welcome to us. You can apply for a year or for a couple of months. We accept children from one until five years old.

  • Opening hours: 08:00 - 16:30
  • Initial price full-time every day,400 € monthly (sibling moderation 350€)
  • Initial price full-time every other day: 220 € (sibling moderation 200€)
  • Single days: 25 €
  • 7% tax fee is added to the final price
  • Our price includes all meals
  • Payments due on the tenth every month.

The price is the same regardless of working-days in the month. We do not discern price in relation to age.

When an invoice for a deposit of one month's stay is paid, the place is secured.

From date   First date the child requires daycare
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To-date   Last date the child requires daycare
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Childs personal info

Day of birth  
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Parent 1 information
Parent 2 information