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About Us

Karen Anna Børresen is a preschool-teacher with education speciality in early reading and literacy. She also has a college degree in drama and literature. Her university degrees are in Spanish and psycology. Karen Anna is environmentally concious and interested in nature. The complementary curriculum i natural science based on the local Norwegian school’s environment, is written by her.

Erik Børresen is a nurse and his experience with children in health and sickness is a good supplement in our daily life. He also likes fotball and going for walks with the older children, alway with a storybook at hand.

Karen and Erik live in Pueblo Mogán

Eliana Artiles Trujillo has been with us from the start and is an excellent childcare-worker. She always speaks Spanish with the children, although she now understands most of what is said in Norwegian or English.

Eliana lives in Arguineguin and will do babysitting if asked outside of working hours.